About the Cinema Sensations Collection

What To Expect

Pre-Order Products Themed From Your Favorite Films!

We do things a little different.  Our products are handmade and take a bit of time (and money) to produce.  To manage our inventory and client expectations, we’ve decided to take pre-orders for our Cinema Sensations Collection items.  This will allow us to buy that materials to make your item and give us the time to produce them.  We strive to make it worth the wait, and we might even throw some goodies into the box as an incentive for being so patient.  It works like this:

  1.  You pre-order your item and are charged up front.
  2. We start working on your item as soon as the money comes in and the materials are secured.  If something goes awry we’ll try our best to contact you to make sure you’re in the loop.
  3. Once the pre-order window has closed, or we reach our sellout threshold, then that’s it.  No more orders will be taken.  That will help us get everyone’s items out on schedule and keep the order process fair.
  4. You should receive a shipping notification and tracking number.  This might come in separate emails, but you can always request one if you haven’t received it.
  5. You receive your item and you’re the envy of your friends and family.  Fortune and glory are finally yours!
New at the Cinema Sensations Collection!

Our Current Pre-Order Special

This product is available for pre-order for a limited time, and may not come back in rotating for awhile.  Get it while it's hot!